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kittens in thailand

Bangkok Kittens

Hungry little Bangkok kittens. After returning from Sweden I realized that I had taken some kitten pics while visiting Thailand in 2005, so we’ll file these guys under “Travel Cats”. See? The obsession with all things furry and feline is not recent nor is it going away anytime soon. It’s something you’re born with and […]

swedish cat crossing the highway

Can’t Get Close To Swedish Cats

We’re back from our Swedish jaunt, and here’s what we’ve learned (or assumed): Those Swedish cats in the country are not willing to get very close to you. Most of the cats we saw really kept their distance. The city or village cats seemed more trusting, which may be because they get more attention (read: […]

swedish striped cat meow

Striped Cat in Kivik

This striped cat with the white socks spotted us on our way to Kivik and gave us the old, “you folks aren’t from around here are you?” Then he strutted up all territorial and came up close for a photo while still being careful not to get TOO close.  Then he (or she?) meowed some […]

swedish stray cat abbekas

Swedish Stray

We’re hanging out in the south of Sweden near Abbekas and yes, they have cats too. This Swedish stray cat stuck around long enough to pose for us while trying to look all menacing. Did it work? You decide.  

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