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Natural Selection

Walked by Ye Olde Neighbourhood Cat Colony the other day and witnessed some natural selection at work. It’s not pretty, but that’s what happens when you’re a bird and you don’t fly away fast enough. What do you think the guy in the foreground is thinking?  

kitten is more brave


We stumbled across this litter of kittens and there were between 3 and 4 tiny babies hiding out here and they all scattered when they saw me approach, so I couldn’t even take one for myself! Seriously though, there’s a fine line between rescuing a kitten from a litter of kittens and trespassing. Actually, the […]

grey kitten top stair

Stray On The Doorstep

This grey stray cat was perfectly willing to sit still for some photos in the hopes that maybe I had a snack for him to reward him for being so accommodating. But I didn’t, because it’s not like I walk around with shrimp cat treats in my pocket. Anyway, he was a pretty cute kitten […]

cat bathing under a car

Cat Confidence

When you can’t think of a post title, alliteration is often a good start. And yeah, this cat was sure of himself and unafraid and full of confidence. Compared to all the chicken cats I’ve seen lately (they all take off before you can snap their picture), this tuxedo looking cat came over as soon […]

scared and petrified beige tabby

Grilled Cat

We always get photos of cats and kitties at ground level but if you look up once in awhile, you might get some interesting photo ops. Today we looked up and saw this kitty hanging out on the fire escape. Gotta love the fur through the grill: So what’s he doing up there anyway hanging […]

safe cat all clear in the lane

Lords of Alleyland

We’re still going through our cachet of local cat pictures from last week’s kitty cat bonanza after a recent jaunt through the mystical world of Alleyland. In the summer, cats definitely rule the alleyways around here and we seem to come across someone new just about every day. This was a friendly stray cat (we […]

shorthair the look of fear

Fear and Fences

Having a lot of errands lately means that I’ve gotta run to different parts of the city. And what’s the quickest way between two points? The alley of course, and the alley is full of these whiskery cats. Yep. The camera is kind of overflowing with cat pictures, so we may as well post them. […]

gray cat relaxed posture

Alley Cat Meetup

On our way out this morning we took a shortcut down the alley and ran into an entirely new alley cat who we’ve never seen before. He was spotted just 4 doors down so there’s a good chance that Dobson has already met him on his daily excursions. Once spotted, we always take an initial […]

kittens in thailand

Bangkok Kittens

Hungry little Bangkok kittens. After returning from Sweden I realized that I had taken some kitten pics while visiting Thailand in 2005, so we’ll file these guys under “Travel Cats”. See? The obsession with all things furry and feline is not recent nor is it going away anytime soon. It’s something you’re born with and […]

swedish stray cat abbekas

Swedish Stray

We’re hanging out in the south of Sweden near Abbekas and yes, they have cats too. This Swedish stray cat stuck around long enough to pose for us while trying to look all menacing. Did it work? You decide.  

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