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Pole Dancing Cat Sunday

That’s right, pole dancing cats. THE next meme to take over the Internet and bring it to its knees. Just you watch. It’s gonna happen. Wait. What do you mean it already happened? That’s it. I’m out of here.

Maine Coon Madness

What’s going on? Two posts in two days? Well I’ll tell you what’s going on: Mimi needs a diet is what’s going on! Cause holy….wow. Also, we are experimenting with the new camera. So far, we can fit Mimi in the whole frame. Awesome.

Post Holiday Cat Post Therapy

Wow, we haven’t posted a thing since December 21, but in our defense, the holidays came upon us and they came on real hard. And then the eggnog, and then the cognac, and maybe some Campari. No. There was definitely some Campari. Then at some point we passed out, woke up, realized we had a […]

maine coon chair

Everything Grows

Periodically, whenever I go through our cachet of cat photos over at the secret underground Whisker Patrol photo vaults, I’m always left with one burning question as I lock up for night and set the motion sensing laser beams on “vaporize”: How did Mimi go from this: TO THIS: I mean, yeah, I understand the […]

cat in the laundry pile

Cat Days of Summer

It’s the time of year that everyone refers to as the Dog Days of Summer which we think should be changed to the Cat Days of Summer. The Dog Days are typically those mid summer days punctuated by relentless heat waves and often referred to as “lazy, hazy” days. Maybe it also has to do […]

lola tortoiseshell engaged and ready

Introducing Lola

Lola’s kind of an enigma. I’ve taken many pictures of  her and they’ve all come out terrible. It’s because she’s got one of those faces that you just cannot capture on camera if you’re indoors. She’s so strangely dark, that her face is like a black hole where shadows play in ways that only the […]

mimi the hutt

Mimi The Hutt

I was going to post a pic of both Mimi and Le Gros, but you know what? This is Mimi’s time to shine and take the spotlight. And besides, no one else can fit in the frame with her.

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