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Still Here, Man. Still Here.

So the other day I was hanging out with a friend and they asked me: “What’s the deal with that cat website that you have?” And I said, “What cat website?”. Well they looked at me with surprise and wonder and said, “Aw come on, man! That cat website, with the cat photos. What’s it […]

Siberian Cats and Russian Proverbs

There’s a famous old Russian proverb (Siberian if you really want to be specific) and it goes like this: He who wears cat on face doesn’t freeze nose off. Alright. You got me. I made it up! Still, there’s some hard logic in there and if you were to analyze it, it means “We get […]

And Now…Bengal Kittens

I happened to be walking by Salon MOOV again and the Bengal kittens were working it in the window and drawing a crowd. This is what the folks over at Salon MOOV call “catvertising”. And it works too because you know, cats! Why wouldn’t it work? So if you’re in Montreal and anywhere in the […]

Maja the Finnish Tree Cat

Hello fellow cat lovers. Ziva here, filling in for Mike while he’s off lollygagging somewhere. It’s a little known fact, but when faced with the harsh reality of the snowy Finnish winter, the fur of the domestic cat, much like that of the Arctic fox, will turn bright white. This pretty black cat belongs to […]

bengal cat relaxing

Bengal Cat Sightings

Walking home Saturday afternoon I had to do a double take when I saw this Bengal cat in the window of Salon MOOV on Duluth. Yep, this well behaved Bengal was just scoping out the salon before settling down for a snooze. He’s an 8th generation Bengal and if you want to see some more […]

midna longhair cream tabby

Midna the Siberian

It’s Midna the cream colored Siberian cat. Siberian cats have been awesome throughout history, and not only due to their over the top cuteness. They’re also usually hypoallergenic, which was very important and strategic for the Cossacks during the various wars and campaigns that they were involved in. Think of it this way:  It’s the […]

easy cat door to cat castle

Visits From The Cat Castle

We’ve been getting regular visits from this cat since Dobson vanished. The fact that this Abyssinian cat looking guy (tag says “Easy”) can shadebathe in Dobson’s spot with no fear from reprisals speaks volumes. If Dobson dude was around, he’d want to chase the crap out of Easy. Instead, Easy is getting off…”easy”. Get it?? […]

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