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cat tail sticking out of a box

Cat In A Box Tuesdays

Cat In A Box Tuesdays is probably the least catchy sounding name for a cat meme. And besides, we didn’t use any alliteration, which will further guarantee that this meme will never take off and go all viral on the internets. Still, here he is. In a freaking box. His new most favorite place to [...]

Sitting Pretty

When it comes to keeping your cat off your furniture, remember this one simple rule: It’s not your furniture. It belongs to the cat. That’s right. So get a lawyer, and make it official. Bequeath everything to the cat because that bastard owns you.

Cats Sure Do Love Getting Into Bags

Dobson discovered this reusable grocery shopping bag and he just can’t get enough of it. Of course cats love getting themselves into small spaces and Dobson is no exception. It’s funny though, he didn’t start doing this until I showed him a Maru video. That Maru is pretty influential.            

That Guilty Look

Is there anything you can do to prevent your cat from lying on your dining room table? The answer is no, because your cat owns you, even though he’ll pretend that you’re the boss. You’re not, and you never were.

Dobson And The Carpet Roll

Yeah, getting under the carpet is his new favorite thing in the whole world.

This Is Why I Won’t Let My Cat Go Outside

Because with a face like this, he’ll get catnapped in about 3 seconds! Does his face not look like it was dipped in caramel?

Dobson’s First Spring

Dobson’s been stuck inside for most of the winter and now he’s outside in the real world. Considering he was born in the fall (September 14th) and spent the first 3 months of his life being his own man on a Quebec farm, the sights and smells are almost too much for him. He truly [...]

It’s My Cats Testicles

Yeah, they’re a normal part of every male cat’s life. Until we remove them. Like what’s going to happen next week. And they won’t grow back. Ever.

My Three Month Old Kitten

My kitten Dobson has doubled in size since this pic. This is probably one of the first pictures I took of him, and he was still kind of shy and hadn’t revealed his fetish for shredding my feet with his claws. Oh and you’ve got to see what this chair looks like today. That’s right, [...]


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