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cat sleeping on jeans

Working Hard At Doing Nothing

They say that the purring of a cat is actually a regenerative mechanism. We usually associate a cat’s purr with their own contentment, but it could be that they’re injured or fighting a cold and purring is their way of soothing and healing. No one knows for sure. Dobson probably knows, but he’s not telling [...]

Thinking About Jumping

Not quite sure what to do up here aside from getting paw prints all over the counter. The body says jump but the head is kind of saying ‘not jump’. So who knows!

dobson smiling kitten 5 months

Kitten Portraits

Kittens turn into cats pretty quickly and Dobson is looking more and more like a cat everyday. He still acts like a kitten though and behaves with little to no regard for anyone but himself. Still, these portraits came out pretty good back when he was a 5 month old kitten. Yes, cats can smile. [...]

kitty cat standoff

Standoff At The Threshold

Marjo, that fat freak Calico keeps coming back and she’s more feral than ever. When she showed up in the winter we thought that she was just cold and pissed, because last summer she was super nice. It’s not that. She’s just hungry, hates Dobson, and is basically saying, “child, I was here before you [...]

And The World’s Best Litter Box Is…

…the World! That’s right. Where do you think cats went before humans started keeping them as pets? Answer: In the fields and in our gardens. But they’re sophisticated (sophistiCATed?) enough to bury that shit. Pun intended. Sorry Dobby, I know it’s a private moment but the expression on your face is priceless:  

Not Always Photogenic

We all have our bad days and our horrible drunken moments. Even Dobson, the wannabe supermodel kitten, experiences  moments where it looks like he was used as a mop for a Bourbon Street urinal:

Crowded on the Windowsill

Dobson and the gang trying to watch the sunrise from the windowsill. Well, just Dobson an Le Gros. Mimi’s always looking at the camera: What? And they’re all saying, “Happy Borlsdeys Uncle Dan!” Even The Fat One, even though he’s not looking at the camera. He means it though. In here. *points to heart*

Dobson Stays Classy

Dobson got to hang out with Mimi and Le Gros a few weekends ago and he totally showed his appreciation for their hospitality by: a) keeping everyone awake by running all over everything. All the time. b) eating their low calorie Royal Canin Light 40 food (without even asking permission!) c) hunting and dive bombing [...]

Comforter Cat

Dobson, the comforter, and his light speed ears. Yeah, I really should get an SLR to better capture those moving cat parts.

Kitten in the Sun

Well Dobson’s off having some crazy adventures this weekend with Mimi and “The Fat One”, so we’ll leave you with some classic sun lazy cat pics. And don’t even think about taking his red mouse. Not even for a second.  


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