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cat in the laundry pile

Cat Days of Summer

It’s the time of year that everyone refers to as the Dog Days of Summer. The Dog Days are typically those mid summer days punctuated by relentless heat waves and often referred to as “lazy, hazy” days. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that a lot of people take vacations around this [...]

Dobson’s First Video

When I opened the door today, Dobson ran out, looked around, and then looked back at me and said, “you see that stick over there? I’m going after it and I know you’ve got a phone in your hand capable of taking decent video. Just saying.” Alright Dobson, have it your way and be a [...]

Heat Wave Naps

As some of you might know, Dobson was kind of sick last week with a bit of a stomach bug. He’s feeling more like himself again and has spent some mornings outside in the shade, but even that seems too hot for him. 90 degrees is too hot for anyone! Either way, we don’t want [...]

Feeling Like A Kitten Again

Well, Dobson was completely under the weather for a few days. He threw up 3 times over 4 days and had the runs too. Now as anyone knows, diarrhea AND vomit can be a deadly combination because it dehydrates the subject VERY quickly. And cats are notoriously dehydrated because they just don’t drink enough, which [...]

Sick Kitty

Dobson was acting a little strange yesterday and although he looked CRAZY CUTE sleeping on his back, there was a sense that not all was well. He LOOKED cozy yet, he appeared completely knocked out and exhausted. Maybe he sleeps like this when the humans aren’t around, but in 7 months, this is the first [...]

kitty and his super fun crab cat toy

Toys For Dobson

Well, we’re back and Dobson’s 10 day stay at Chez Mimi and Le Gros is over. There are a ton of photos from that adventure coming down the line, but for now we had to get Dobson reacquainted with home. In those 10 days away, Dobson’s personality seems to have changed ever so slightly, as [...]

Look Into The Light

We’re off on vacation and Dobson has no idea yet that he’s going to get to spend 10 days with his old friends. He’s also going to have to pretend to be an indoor cat during that time, so good luck to all involved! But thanks, because there’s no better cat hotel than chez Mimi [...]

captain dobson litterbox command central

Standing Guard At Litterbox Central

I don’t know about you, but whenever I take the hood off the litterbox for cleaning, Dobson HAS to go in and hang out. That’s because cats love their forts and small spaces where they can survey the world while having three sides protected. So yeah, we’ll title this one: Captain Dobson At Litterbox Central [...]

rear paws close up

Paws Up Close

Cat paws are one of the world’s greatest inventions. Not only are they soft and flexible, but they have retractable claws. Think about that for a second. Retractable claws. Do you realize how cool that is? If you’re a fan of Wolverine, then yes, you probably do realize that. Cats use their claws for a [...]

Dat Tail

I swear his tail grew an inch since the last time I looked. It’s also always in motion. It seriously never stops moving. Cats tails are full of mystery too, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Cats are all about body language, so the position of your pets tail may be the [...]


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