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grey cat with blue eyes

On His Trail

We’re on a brand new blitz and dropping off more fliers in mailboxes, and in doing so, we’ve been getting calls about possible Dobson sightings, so we may be on his trail. It’s hard to tell in such a densely populated area where 200 fliers may cover just one block. But like they say, it’s […]

dobson summer patio relaxation

No News = No News

It’s been a tough few weeks since Dobson went missing and things around here just haven’t been the same without him. We’ve done it all: Talked to neighbours, put fliers in mailboxes, put up posters, gave posters to the local vet and pet food stores and registered him missing with the SPCA and still no […]

kitty cat hallway stretching


Missing. The post title you never want to write. Dobson ventured out into the world 4 days ago and still hasn’t come back. We haven’t given up hope so we’ve plastered the neighborhood with posters, alerted the neighbours and registered him as ‘missing’ with the local SPCA and Pet Luck. We’ve also put his litter […]

cat getting ready to chow down

Predator….Take 2!

The other day, Dobson the predator caught his first bird. However, before he could finish her off Mortal Kombat style, we denied him the kill. Not so with today’s prey. This poor little dude tried to get away from Dobson’s evil clutches, but one of his legs fell off (like they often do. Seriously, whoever […]

Rock and Roll kitty


Dobson’s got his rock and roll face on. What a badass and yes, cats like wires. When he was a tiny kitten, like 3-4 months old, he was crazy for wires. Cats love wires and cables, and they especially love them while you’re using them. Most of the time, he’d ignore them, but if you […]

sparrow lives to fly another day


Not just birdwatching but bird catching too! Catching birds is a well known and favourite pastime amongst cats, especially the outdoor variety. Anyway, Dobson hung about scouting for awhile before finally getting his prize: his first ever sparrow. And yes, he brought his present/trophy inside and dropped her at my feet. And she was still […]

kitty watches garden hose drip

It’s International Dobson Day…I Mean Cat Day

That’s right, August 8 is International Cat Day aka World Cat Day, which we always get mixed up with International Dobson Day, which is pretty much everyday. You can totally see why it can be so confusing. Anyway, whatever you do on this day of feline recognition, make sure it involves catnip, cat treats, a […]

fearful cat arched back puffy tail

Fearful Friday

What do you think has gotten Dobson so spooked and gave him that arched back? Look at his puffed up tail and his posture. His back is arched in that classic cat defensive stance and he’s making himself appear larger as cats do when they feel threatened. Not only is he using his body language, […]

dobson and the new red breakaway collar

Modelling That New Collar

We picked up a new collar since Dobson’s been running around without one since he lost his last one almost 3 months ago, which probably makes me a pretty bad parent. Thankfully, everyone knows him around here, but still, you can never be too careful. So I picked up a new reflective breakaway collar yesterday […]

rain letting up cat

It’s Raining Cats and…

…dogs. But really, as a cat-centric website, it’s just raining cats. Yep. That crazy heat wave finally broke with some rain (and a minor tornado, seriously!). Another downpour this morning and Dobson’s about to make a run for it because even though it’s raining, he wants to get out side, but he doesn’t want to […]

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