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midna longhair cream tabby

Midna the Siberian

It’s Midna the cream colored Siberian cat. Siberian cats have been awesome throughout history, and not only due to their over the top cuteness. They’re also usually hypoallergenic, which was very important and strategic for the Cossacks during the various wars and campaigns that they were involved in. Think of it this way:  It’s the […]

kitten is more brave


We stumbled across this litter of kittens and there were between 3 and 4 tiny babies hiding out here and they all scattered when they saw me approach, so I couldn’t even take one for myself! Seriously though, there’s a fine line between rescuing a kitten from a litter of kittens and trespassing. Actually, the […]

easy cat door to cat castle

Visits From The Cat Castle

We’ve been getting regular visits from this cat since Dobson vanished. The fact that this Abyssinian cat looking guy (tag says “Easy”) can shadebathe in Dobson’s spot with no fear from reprisals speaks volumes. If Dobson dude was around, he’d want to chase the crap out of Easy. Instead, Easy is getting off…”easy”. Get it?? […]

Rare Sand Kittens

The big cat news in the world today is about these awesome looking desert sand kittens born at the Ramat Gan Zoological Center near Tel Aviv. And you know what? Their ears are huge! They’re essentially extinct in Israel, but the story goes that they managed to breed a litter of 4 of them in captivity […]

kitty and his super fun crab cat toy

Toys For Dobson

Well, we’re back from Sweden and Dobson’s 10 day stay at Chez Mimi and Le Gros is over. There are a ton of photos from that adventure coming down the line, but for now we had to get Dobson reacquainted with home. In those 10 days away, Dobson’s personality seems to have changed ever so […]

rear paws close up

Paws Up Close

A cat’s paws are one of the world’s greatest inventions. Not only are they soft and flexible, but they have retractable claws. Think about that for a second. Retractable claws. Do you realize how cool that is? If you’re a fan of Wolverine, then yes, you probably do realize that. Cats use the claws in […]

cat sleeping on jeans

Working Hard At Doing Nothing

Is sleeping really doing nothing? They say that the purring of a cat is actually a regenerative mechanism. We usually associate a cat’s purr with their own contentment, but it could be that they’re injured or fighting a cold and purring is their way of soothing and healing. No one knows for sure. Dobson probably […]

dobson smiling kitten 5 months

Kitten Portraits

Kittens turn into cats pretty quickly and Dobson is looking more and more like a cat everyday. He still acts like a kitten though and behaves with little to no regard for anyone but himself. Still, these portraits came out pretty good back when he was a 5 month old kitten. Yes, cats can smile. […]

stretchy cat eyes closed

Contortionist Cat

Dobson’s having himself a pretty crazy stretch, or maybe he’s just working on his stretching cat yoga practice.

cat tail sticking out of a box

Cat In A Box Tuesdays

Do you have a cat? How about a box? Good. Now you have a cat in a box and you didn’t have to even do anything. It just happens, like a moth is drawn to a flame. Cat In A Box Tuesdays is probably the least catchy sounding name for a cat meme. And besides, […]

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