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Close… Closer… Enhance! This is part of a meme thing going on at Burnt Food Dude. Go there to see some more cats.

Game of Paws

I swear, I pressed ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Draft’ and changed it back to ‘Draft’ within 10 seconds, and yet the half written post still ended up in our RSS feed. Pretty rabid of the news feed don’t you think? Like, can you give us a second? How irritating. Anyway, as I was trying to say, […]

Still Here, Man. Still Here.

So the other day I was hanging out with a friend and they asked me: “What’s the deal with that cat website that you have?” And I said, “What cat website?”. Well they looked at me with surprise and wonder and said, “Aw come on, man! That cat website, with the cat photos. What’s it […]

cat scratching on bricks

Heated Windowsill

The rest of the street was cast in shadow so the sunny windowsill was the most logical place to hang out. Then it was time for some bad ass posturing from his high vantage point: Then it was like Scratch Fest 2012 as he went to town getting right to source of that itch. Aw […]

serious grey tabby cat

My Tail Was Here First

Yesterday was one of those days where everywhere you looked there was a cat on the street asking to have his or her picture taken. Maybe it’s because it was the first day that really felt like autumn and they were all looking for a warm place to rub against (I know how that just […]

cat bathing under a car

Cat Confidence

When you can’t think of a post title, alliteration is often a good start. And yeah, this cat was sure of himself and unafraid and full of confidence. Compared to all the chicken cats I’ve seen lately (they all take off before you can snap their picture), this tuxedo looking cat came over as soon […]

black cat spying from bushes

Behind Bars

I posted a preview pic of this awesome black cat behind bars on our Facebook page this week. The whole story was that he was enamoured with these squirrels who wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. So after he chased them up the tree, he looked around, saw me, and said, “What? You want […]

grey cat with blue eyes

On His Trail

We’re on a brand new blitz and dropping off more fliers in mailboxes, and in doing so, we’ve been getting calls about possible Dobson sightings, so we may be on his trail. It’s hard to tell in such a densely populated area where 200 fliers may cover just one block. But like they say, it’s […]

beige tabby day prowl

Prowling By Day

I can never figure out if these cats are orange or beige. Is orange/beige an acceptable description for this cat? Let’s go with orange tabby cat for now. What’s he prowling for anyway? Looks like something’s caught his eye. Oh wait, it’s me. The person with the camera.

super fluffy fire escape cat

Kitty Hacks

The title is a double meaning cause a) we were hacked last night and b) longhair cats like this fluffy kitty are prone to hack up hairballs. Anyway, seemed like a good idea for a post title. The whole hacking thing was more annoying than anything, and it was done in such a lame way. […]

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