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Henri le Chat Noire

Henri Le Chat - Politique

Henri Le Chat Noir is back and he has some political opinions to share. He even makes a reference to Tuxedo Stan, the cat that’s running for mayor of Halifax and who also looks a lot like Henri:

dobson summer patio relaxation

No News = No News

It’s been a tough few weeks since Dobson went missing and things around here just haven’t been the same without him. We’ve done it all: Talked to neighbours, put fliers in mailboxes, put up posters, gave posters to the local vet and pet food stores and registered him missing with the SPCA and still no […]

Rare Sand Kittens

The big cat news in the world today is about these awesome looking desert sand kittens born at the Ramat Gan Zoological Center near Tel Aviv. And you know what? Their ears are huge! They’re essentially extinct in Israel, but the story goes that they managed to breed a litter of 4 of them in captivity […]

Dobson’s First Video

It’s Dobson’s first video. When I opened the door today, Dobson ran out, looked around, and then looked back at me and said, “you see that stick over there? I’m going after it and I know you’ve got a phone in your hand capable of taking decent video. Just saying.” Alright Dobson, have it your […]

bjork kissing cat triumph of the heart

No Cats in Copenhagen

Man, just got back from Copenhagen and get this: no cats there at all! None. Hence the title: No cats in Copenhagen. Ok, I saw one cat but he took off under a car and wouldn’t let me take his picture. So that’s it. No cat pics from Copenhagen. Instead, here’s something 100% cat related […]

A Cat Cafe: Cafe Neko

So I just heard that Vienna has its very own cat cafe called Cafe Neko and I figured I should blog about it. Then I suddenly realized that yes. Yes, I am officially THAT guy. Even more officially than before. Like, hardcore. I get Google news alerts about cats. Anyway, I wasn’t going to do […]

Most Depressing Cat Video Ever

Henri, the most depressed cat in the world ponders the utter meaninglessness of his existence in the most depressing cat video. With almost 6 million views on YouTube, Henri is one of the most famous cats on the internet. Maybe not as famous as Maru, but still pretty famous. It’s kind of like, Henri is […]

The Best Cat Litter?

What is the best cat litter? Well, I took the plunge. The regular clumping kitty litter is so freaking dusty that it was starting to freak me out. And Dobson too! I totally noticed him sneezing a few times when he was hanging around his little litter house because of it. Or maybe he just […]

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