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Staring Contest

And that’s all I have to say about it… More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place.

shaved calico kitty having a snooze

Mind If I Crash Here?

Wouldn’t it be great if society allowed you to wander into your neighbours house and just crash here on their couch? Like, you’re out for a stroll and suddenly you really need to take a nap, so you make a bee-line for the first open door or window that you see, make your way to […]

longhaired calico shaved lion cut

Lion Cat

What is this strange otherworldly lion cat looking creature stepping through the weeds? Remember Marjo? We often wonder if anyone takes care of her since she has no collar and is outside all year round. Even in the snow. Well it looks like she does have a caretaker somewhere because someone shaved her down and […]

lola tortoiseshell engaged and ready

Introducing Lola

Lola’s kind of an enigma. I’ve taken many pictures of  her and they’ve all come out terrible. It’s because she’s got one of those faces that you just cannot capture on camera if you’re indoors. She’s so strangely dark, that her face is like a black hole where shadows play in ways that only the […]

kitty cat standoff

Standoff At The Threshold

Marjo, that fat freak Calico keeps coming back and she’s more feral than ever with her instigation of this kitty cat standoff. When she showed up in the winter we thought that she was just cold and pissed, because last summer she was super nice. It’s not that. She’s just hungry, hates Dobson, and is […]

hairiest calico in the hood

Our Favorite Calico is Back…and She’s Huge!

Is that who we think it is? Can it be? The calico cat who we call ‘Marjo’ because her meow sounds like Quebec’s own classic rockeuse? It is! And you know what else? The first song that came up when I searched for Marjo on YouTube was Les Chats Sauvages. Yes. The planets have aligned. […]

dobson meets no face the cat

Dobson, No Face and Quick Release Cat Collars

Here’s a picture of one of those quick release cat collars. I works like this: if your cat gets snagged on a branch or something, it’ll unsnap and release so a) your cat won’t get choked, and b) he won’t have to chew anything off to free himself. My cat hates when I put it […]

That visiting Calico with the mane

Stray Cat Trust

Stray Cat Trust. Wasn’t that a kit song back in the ’80′s? Oh…it was Stray Cat Strut… Before Dobson came on the scene, I’d let this visiting stray cat Calico come inside. When she found out about Dobson she got SUPER jealous and tried to attack him. That bitch. Anyway, now that Dobson’s had his […]

calico cat yellow eyes

That Calico Cat

Calicos (aka tortoiseshell and white) always have that patchwork fur. And the nose… Also, calico cats are almost always female for some crazy reason.

Calico cat with very long whiskers

That Hairy Ass Calico Cat

A picture of this crazy hairy calico cat comes to visit me all the time. She’s beautiful, hairy and super friendly, at least she WAS until she found out about Dobson. Yep, this long haired calico cat, aka “Marjo” is an extremely jealous and territorial cat and doesn’t care who was there first. The world […]

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