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Alley Hunting

Why not post some cat pics today? Spotted yesterday. You know where. In the alley. More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place. Also : Like us on The Facebook.

{Insert Witty Cat Title Here}

I got nothing. Dig those eyes. Plus a close up. Because we can: More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place. Also : You may as well Like us on The Facebook at this point.

Staring Contest

And that’s all I have to say about it… More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place.


Close… Closer… Enhance! This is part of a meme thing going on at Burnt Food Dude. Go there to see some more cats.

Camera Shy

We were nowhere near this grey tabby and still, when he saw us he decided that sticking around was too much of a risk.  So he bolted. Fine. Leave! See if we care!

One, Two, Three….Cats

Spring has officially arrived. Yeah, we might only be changing the clocks tomorrow, but as everyone knows, it’s spring when you see a cat in the alley. Anyway, we took a walk with our new camera and ran into these guys. Yep, up until now it’s been all phone pics (the Nexus S camera is […]

How Can You Tell When It’s Springtime?

Since the beginning of time, man has searched for a way to determine if Spring had really arrived. Finally, there’s an accurate metric to determine just that thing. That’s right: When you see a cat in the alley, Spring has arrived. Yep. Cats are the new Groundhogs. Come on, isn’t it obvious that it’s springtime? […]

grey fluffy tail november cat

Last Cat Standing

It’s another cat with a big fluffy tail. It’s late November and spotting cats in the alleys is becoming more and more of a rarity. Still, the brave ones are out there working and meowing hard for their supper, like this grey long haired cat. We won’t be seeing many cats once the snow falls.

grafitti intense grey alley cat

Gangsta Cat

Look out, it’s the neighbourhood gangsta cat making it clear that this alley is his stalking territory. Do cats get more serious than this? If you look closely, you can totally see the criminal record and multiple restraining orders. Yep, a cat like this can only have a long history of trouble-making and cattitude. He’s […]

tricolor calico cat-on-a-porch

Tricolor Photo Session

I ran into this tricolor cat on the weekend while she was licking something off the pavement, so she was engaged enough to not really care if I took her picture or not. Then she got into it, because that’s what happens when the camera comes out, releasing her inner prima donna. After awhile, her […]

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