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{Insert Witty Cat Title Here}

I got nothing. Dig those eyes. Plus a close up. Because we can: More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place. Also : You may as well Like us on The Facebook at this point.

Staring Contest

And that’s all I have to say about it… More to be seen at Burnt Food Dude’s place.


Close… Closer… Enhance! This is part of a meme thing going on at Burnt Food Dude. Go there to see some more cats.

Game of Paws

I swear, I pressed ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Draft’ and changed it back to ‘Draft’ within 10 seconds, and yet the half written post still ended up in our RSS feed. Pretty rabid of the news feed don’t you think? Like, can you give us a second? How irritating. Anyway, as I was trying to say, […]

Still Here, Man. Still Here.

So the other day I was hanging out with a friend and they asked me: “What’s the deal with that cat website that you have?” And I said, “What cat website?”. Well they looked at me with surprise and wonder and said, “Aw come on, man! That cat website, with the cat photos. What’s it […]

Natural Selection

Walked by Ye Olde Neighbourhood Cat Colony the other day and witnessed some natural selection at work. It’s not pretty, but that’s what happens when you’re a bird and you don’t fly away fast enough. What do you think the guy in the foreground is thinking?  

Camera Shy

We were nowhere near this grey tabby and still, when he saw us he decided that sticking around was too much of a risk.  So he bolted. Fine. Leave! See if we care!

One, Two, Three….Cats

Spring has officially arrived. Yeah, we might only be changing the clocks tomorrow, but as everyone knows, it’s spring when you see a cat in the alley. Anyway, we took a walk with our new camera and ran into these guys. Yep, up until now it’s been all phone pics (the Nexus S camera is […]

Pole Dancing Cat Sunday

That’s right, pole dancing cats. THE next meme to take over the Internet and bring it to its knees. Just you watch. It’s gonna happen. Wait. What do you mean it already happened? That’s it. I’m out of here.

Maine Coon Madness

What’s going on? Two posts in two days? Well I’ll tell you what’s going on: Mimi needs a diet is what’s going on! Cause holy….wow. Also, we are experimenting with the new camera. So far, we can fit Mimi in the whole frame. Awesome.

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