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Dobson’s got his rock and roll face on. What a badass.

When he was a tiny kitten, like 3-4 months old, he was crazy for wires. Cats love wires and cables, and they especially love them while you’re using them. Most of the time, he’d ignore them, but if you were using something with a wire attached (causing movement), he’d go nuts. Anyway, that stopped as he got older.

Until yesterday.

That’s right, those old memories in his feline mind came back and he thought, “Oh yeah! This used to be fun! Is it still? Let’s find out. Oh yeah…it is…that’s right…uh huh…yeah…just like that…rrrrowwwwrr! drool drool…”

Really. Those were his exact thoughts.

The Question is: Why am I taking pictures and NOT saving the cables?
The Answer: “pictures of cats”


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6 Responses to “Wired”

  1. Oh no! Don’t bite too hard! You never know what will happen.

    Posted by Cheysuli | August 13, 2012, 11:25 am
  2. Be careful what you put the bitey on pal!

    Posted by Brian | August 13, 2012, 2:19 pm
  3. Hope he didn’t get zapped. And it looks like Dobson’s been raiding food bag. Can you say, “chubby”.

    Posted by 00dozo | August 13, 2012, 2:25 pm
  4. Funny enough, none of us were wire chewers. Not even Binga!

    Posted by Sparkle | August 13, 2012, 10:29 pm

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