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Your Cat Will Probably Love Pet Greens

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This might sound like a sponsored post, but it isn’t. After all, Whisker Patrol is way too new and nobody even knows we exist.


I picked up a bag of Pet Greens cat food treats the other week for ole Dobson and well, he pretty much lost his mind. Not in that cat nip way where they actually get kind of stoned, but more in that OMFG THAT SMELLS GOOD AND I WILL EAT THE BAG TO GET AT IT kind of way.

First of all, the name Pet Greens is a little misleading. Do not think that this is a vegetarian thing, because your cat is a carnivore and nothing is going to change that. Pet Greens are made with wheat grass, which is basically fiber. Fiber is good for you and these crunchy treats control tartar. Also, it smells like chicken pot pie (no artificial flavours) which is what is making Dobson completely crazyballs insane.

Also, there’s no wheat gluten, which apparently sucks for cats along with corn meal.

The stuff is made by Bell Rock Growers and this is their website.

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2 Responses to “Your Cat Will Probably Love Pet Greens”

  1. Wheat gluten and corn also suck for humans BTW.

    Sadly, I’m aware of some (completely anonymous) cats who totally despised those treats. Dobson on the other hand… well Dobson will eat anything.

    Posted by Dan | May 24, 2012, 12:55 pm

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