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Clay Based Litter vs Corn Based Litter vs Paper Pellet Based Litter

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Can you stand ANOTHER review about cat litters and which cat litter is the best for your cat? CAN YOU?

Well we did it. For science we did. We finally tried three major types of cat litter over the course of a few months and here’s a quick review about the experience. And no, once again this is not a sponsored post,  so to all of our fan (yes, that guy), stop asking us. Just stop it already.

Clay Based Cat Litter

Pros: It’s ready available at any pharmacy and it’s dirt cheap.

Cons: It’s dirt! Plus it’s so freaking dusty it cannot possibly be good for you or your cat. If you have a small space, clay litter is going to suck since every time you cat or you touch it, it’s an instant 1930′s style dustbowl, right in your own home!

Environmental Impact: Pretty bad since cat litter is produced through strip mining but you should probably think about the dusty impact to your immediate environment. Strip mining is going to happen whether you buy clay based cat litter or not.

Taste: Disgusting. And no, we didn’t actually dig in. The stuff is so volatile that it floats in the air. Even if you so much as look at it. With clay based litter you WILL taste it no matter how hard you try not to.

Corn Based Cat Litter

We tried World’s Best Cat Litter!

Pros: Barely dusty at all and the little boulders of urine are super light and fluffy. Those may be the wrong descriptors, but it’s true. Also, the stuff lasts longer than clay based litter and cleaning out the litter box is a pleasure compared to the retch inducing and revolting experience that clay based litter provides.

Cons: It’s more expensive than most brands but it does last longer. Also, at it’s end of life in the litter box it begins to break down into fine particles which my cat had trouble getting off his paws. The result: dusty litter tracking. I found litter dust on my desk and table. Which means…WHO KNOWS WHERE ELSE THERE MIGHT BE LITTER OMFG.

* takes deep breath *

Seriously, to avoid that happening, you just need to change out the corn litter more often. The dust tracking is a clear sign that it’s time to change out the box. Overall, World’s Best Cat Litter is pretty great and Dobson loves it.

Environmental Impact: Minor. Yeah yeah, you can argue that people are starving in the world and we’re using food (aka corn) for our cats to crap on. Corn is a renewable resource and a sane option. Plus, you can compost it.

Taste: Delicious. Yes, you can technically eat the cat litter right out of the bag since it’s pure corn. However, DO NOT EAT IT AFTER YOUR CAT HAS USED IT. Trust me on this one.

Paper Pellet Based Cat Litter

We tried Yesterday’s News cat litter.

Pros: No dust. None. And hardly any tracking! Right now, this is a complete novelty. And Dobson got used to the pellet based litter pretty quick. I’d probably recommend you try the switch with a kitten since they adapt easier as opposed to an old set in his ways cat that’s always shaking his paw at society and “today’s youth”.

It’s also made from recycled newspaper and that’ll warm your environmental heart.

Cons: After clay or sand-like litter, pellets seem pretty alien to a cat or kitten. The first thing Dobson tried to do was eat it and he found out pretty quick that paper pellets do not equal food. The other thing is that the cat turds do not get coated (like they do with granular litter), so the shit is essentially exposed. Your cat will still bury it but removing it is a a little more delicate. One good thing about this is that you’ll get a good look at his leavings so it’s easier to tell how he’s doing in the digestion department. Yay.

Environmental Impact: Minor. Recycled paper? Can’t really go wrong there. Did I mention that there’s no tracking and no dust? I haven’t had to sweep up grains of litter since I switched.

Taste: Dobson agrees. It tastes like newspaper. There’s a mild odor from the litter itself, but more from the product than the cat feces. The litter does look kind of like those straight pretzels so don’t clean out the litter box if you’ve been drinking beer.

One last note:

When you transition your cat to a new litter, you should do it in stages so that your cat doesn’t freak out. They can be sensitive to change. Dobson didn’t care that much that I switched it all out at once. He’s super easy going as long as you offer him a treat or a toe. Results may vary.

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  1. I’ve been using WBCL for years and it works for me!

    Posted by Sparkle | May 31, 2012, 3:10 pm

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