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Calico Cats

Dobson, No Face and Quick Release Cat Collars

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Here’s a quick release cat collar. I works like this: if your cat gets snagged on a branch or something, it’ll unsnap and release so a) your cat won’t get choked, and b) he won’t have to chew anything off to free himself. My cat hates when I put it on because I don’t make him wear his collar in the house. Obviously, he’s not used to it. But if I do put it on him, he knows he’s going outside, so he concedes. Or at least that I what I keep telling myself.  Cats don’t concede anything. It’s all an elaborate ruse with them.

Anyway, here’s the collar and here’s Dobson wearing his collar. Who’s that? Oh it’s just No Face The Calico. No Face has a big black patch of fur on his face, so it looks like…he has no face.

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